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This quest is continued in chapter II. Q1.13. Dice Poker: Novice. Phase 1. Learning the basics. When you know the basics (Q1.12), ask Zoltan about other players to know that you can play with Odo (M5.35), Haren (M5.49) and Mikul (M5.42). Phase 2. Zoltan. Beat Zoltan in the game of dice. Phase 3. Odo plays poker. If you show Odo the ring of the The Witcher - Walkthrough - Chapter 5 (Vizima in Flames Talk to Triss first… she’ll be less than happy if you didn’t give Alvin over to her in Chapter 3, and ironically states that Alvin would never have vanished had you given him to her (of course, that’s not true). If you gave Alvin to Triss in Chapter 3, however, she’ll be a bit more friendly. Witcher 2 Mini-games - any reward? - The Witcher 2

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Retrieved from " https://witcher.fandom.com/wiki/Category:The_Witcher_​Chapter_III?oldid=352103" The Witcher 2 FAQ - The Official Witcher Wiki IMO, adding navigation points on the map for quick travel would have been nice. (Since the areas you explore per Chapter are not large, admittedly, this is a slight but not a significant issue.) The devs hopefully will have added a fast … The Spear of Destiny - The Official Witcher Wiki Saskia says that Iorveth lost the spear of destiny at poker dice. Now it is in the hands of Skalen Burdon who won the match. Gambling ghost - The Official Witcher Wiki Quite possibly the writer of the Diary of a Dice Collector. He can be found at the fairytale ruins outside the village of Murky Waters in Chapter IV (see Notes below).

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Dice Poker: The Sharper - Gamer Walkthroughs The only Sharper you’ll find in Chapter 3 is Koster who you can find in the Gambling Den in the Trade Quarter at night. The other 3 potential Sharpers can only be played in Chapter 4 so this quest will have to wait until then. See the main quest A Game of Dice for a list of all dice poker players. Next: Echoes of Yesterday Back: The Witcher The Witcher Dice Poker Chapter 3 - savoiapalacecortina.com The Witcher Dice Poker Chapter 3, Dice Poker: The Sharper is an optional sub-quest of A Game of Dice. It is spawned once Geralt has beaten four professional players. The stakes are higher still, ..A Game of Dice Description Chapter(s) 1, 5 Location(s) Outskirts Given by finding .. chain": beat three novice players, then four professional, then three sharpers ..

You can then approach the first Sharper level player — at the same time, the Dice Poker: The Sharper quest is started. Experience ultrawidescreen gaming without an annonying voice in the background.

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➜ The Witcher - Walkthrough - Part 55: Dice and Gossips [Hard].Not only does he give me a lot of coin from the monster contracts but I also beat him at dice, going over the 5.000 Orens mark. Witcher Poker Dice видео :: WikiBit.me The Witcher - Dice Poker Soundtrack (One Hour/Extended Version) How to play Dice Poker... and more!The Witcher-Chapter 1-Learning To Play Dice Poker (Yahtzee).